DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) is an integrated ad-technology platform that enables agencies and advertisers to more effectively create, manage and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns. DDM integrates world-class solutions to help buyers run holistic campaigns across multiple channels.

The DDM platform consists of the following components:

DoubleClick Campaign Manager : The centralized ad management system. Serving, reporting, attribution and insights over all all marketing channels.

DoubleClick Studio : A dynamic messaging solution that empowers one-on-one data-driven advertising such as dynamic creative retargeting.

DoubleClick Bid Manager : A cross-channel, industry-leading media buying platform (DSP) with access to all exchanges, data providers and a wide range of powerful targeting options.

DoubleClick Search : A search engine bid management platform developed by the leader in Search, fully integrated within the platform.

DoubleClick Ad Serving : Manage, traffic, serve and review your campaigns across online display, rich media, in-stream video and search channels.

DoubleClick Search Management : Manage workflow and run reports on your largest search campaigns from Google, Bing, and Yahoo! in one interface. Use bid optimization tools to improve campaign performance.

DoubleClick Demand-side Platform : Buy in real-time With Bid Manager, you can set up and manage automated strategies to help facilitate intelligent buying across all major sources of real-time bidded inventory, all in a single interface.

Rich Media Campaign Management : The people and tools to help you traffic, manage and report on highly effective and engaging rich media advertising.

Campaign Measurement and Attribution, Site Analytics : As part of DoubleClick Digital Manager, use Google Analytics Premium for more comprehensive campaign measurement and attribution across all digital channels