Ok, So you are here to know How this Machine Learning & AI will help in SEO?

So let me start off what actually AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the heading given when the AI is capable of achieving the humanlike feats. Artificial  Intelligence (AI) is the heading given when the AI has reached a capacity that is beyond the abilities of human Intelligence. Do you have to know that the use of AI in digital marketing is taking shape to collect web data on ads targeting, and to decide the relevancy of content on the web page or on the product pages, to perceive customer segments for cross-selling market, for streamlining social / digital ads campaigns and evaluating which emotional values have the maximum effect on their targeted market. However, only a few digital agencies or companies are using AI technology to enhance their search engine rankings.

Now Digital AI assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Briana, Teneo etc transforming the google search into a voice search engine.

According to the Digital Marketing expert Chinna Botla in an interview with him, he says that the revolutionary changes in the Google search algorithm transforming the Search engine optimization strategy. As the number of the website coming up live day by day and manual SEO challenges including a black hat and gray hat SEO  techniques impacting the results on Google SERPs has implemented Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies in their algorithm to purify the search results on Google search engines.

These are the Artificial Intelligence changes in Google algorithm will prioritize the websites based on the below factors as follows:

1. Number of quality backlinks to the website

2. Conversational content [ Podcats, Web content interviews, Vlogs, Chat Bots on then web pages]

3. Informative content

4. Customer reviews and user ratings [ Product Pages, Testimonials ]

5. Structured data [ Schema Data ]

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