Facebook Organic Reach Is Falling Short ?
Yes Unfortunately Facebook is killing themselves with the small
to medium size businesses who cannot manage to pay  $500/mo on ads. And with important drop off
in organic meeting, it is not tempting them to spend the money. The continual
feedback I got from my Company clients is that they spent years cultivating an engaging
Community Page and have even spent a few $’s here and there on ads to boost
targeted Likes and engagement (advocacy, customer service) only to see their
numbers sink lower and lower.
When EdgeRank was introduced, Pages saw a decline. Then the
latest version of EdgeRank (now un-named) came out a few Days ago, and the
numbers declined again. Now we foresee even more drop off in the near future.
It seems it is no longer about good content as much as good coffers.
Facebook Organic Reach Is Falling Short 
I can deal with spending ad dollars to build my fan base –
but now I also have to spend more ad dollars just for them to see my posts ??
You’ve got to be kidding me. I can think of far more successful ways to spend
my advertising money, so now instead of getting some of my ad dollars, Facebook
will get NONE.
The idea of Facebook business was that Pages who were
relevant could get good content spread to the masses…to “even up the
playing field” but that original tenent has been lost.  Impressions at my Facebook fan page have
dropped by 1/3. It’s time for online marketers to seek new outlets for their
promotions, and I’ll be gravitating to Pinterest,Twitter. Facebook may be
hurting themselves in the long run. I just sent this article to a friend of
mine who’s been paying them to build up his fan base. I encouraged him to stop
the traffic because he’ll have to pay them twice for posts to be seen.  As facebook is moving from organic to paid
reach, marketers will consider this platform as just another platform where
they have to pay to reach out people like print ads, tv, radio, etc. This will
reduce the value of facebook and force the marketers to move away from this
platform and find alternate platform to capture their audience. Only the clicks
has not been affected. Conversion form clicks to likes has also been affected
and dropped to 20% to 30% from 60% to 70%. 
Facebook Organic Reach Is Falling Short 
 As a social media strategist, this has been the case or a while. The
idea that good content can help a small player get noticed or that Facebook can
serve as a replacement for an email newsletter has been tossed out the window.
This makes Facebook less useful as a communications tool, instead a better fit
for larger brands. Facebook is going to continue to adjust their distribution
algorithm to reduce organic reach and require advertisers to spend more and
more to reach the people who have signed up for their updates.I just want to
say this was an obvious move, but FB doesn’t have to treat it’s audience like
idiots we all knew the minute the reach went down that we would be playing hard
ball to reach the fans we gathered. Now the real games begin because now it’s
not social media management it’s straight up marketing and knowing how to find
your audience without having a key place to go to them when you need them as
the page was for so long.

Facebook Organic Reach Is Falling Short 
To be clear, Facebook is not saying that organic reach is
declining, well, organically. They are saying that Facebook is reducing organic
reach through their algorithm changes. Anyone using. Facebook knew this
was happening (just try sending a message to all your FB
“friends”), but Facebook denied that they were intentionally doing it
to advertisers. Now they are admitting what we knew all along: Facebook is
going to continue to adjust their distribution algorithm to reduce organic
reach and require advertisers to spend more and more to reach the people who
have signed up for their updates.

This is one of the many reasons that I don’t use Facebook
any more.

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