BEST WAYS TO MANAGE PAGES (to work with the new facebook algorithm)!

1) Have AT LEAST 1.5 HOUR GAP in between each post, this way each post can fully reach its audiance. When a post reaches less audience than the page’s average, then that is a red flag. Make sure each post is fully reached by having a longer GAP in between each post.

2) Don’t flood the news feed with UNORIGINAL content. Make sure the content you post is unique, meaning suitable for your audience. It is better to post 1-4 GOOD posts rather than post 10, just to get likes. According to the new algorithm, the 4 good posts will get your post more REACH and LIKES rather than the 10 unintended posts.

3) Posts some TEXT posts also. Ask your audience a suitable question. Generally speaking. TEXT posts get more reach, because Facebook knows, most of the text posts are not copied from other pages.

4) Try not to get too many reports, to prevent people from reporting, make sure you have a full description of what your page posts and has to offer.

I would like to know WHY FACEBOOK decides what I see. 
Why don’t they just RESPECT us when we like a page that we actually mean that we LIKE A PAGE AND WANT TO SEE ITS STUFF
If I like a fashion page, I WANT TO SEE ALL OF THE FASHION MEMES THAT IT POSTS, the same goes with a motivational page. I WANT TO SEE THE QUOTE MEMES
FB is really really becoming almost more than I can bear when it comes the their censorship 
And just for the record…if I see a suggested post I REFUSE to look at or EVER buy from it…just because FB is shoving it in my face without a good reason.
I believe fan pages should focus in adding more creativity and engagement in their posts after the changes in news feed .
Simply liking a post does not mean that people like you or your business or page . What matters most in making users to like you is to understand their requirements and change to it accordingly.
Following things will help pages to improve in getting likes without paying much.
>Interesting posts – Users always loves to see posts which give them information, entertainment and excitement.
>Giving value to your users for which they are with you. This helps in strengthening the relationship between  user and brand.
>Good and clear image works most
>Catchy title is the most important part and plays the first and main role in letting users to like you.
I think its time for a Class action from all the business owners who paid for likes, fans and customers. First of all they limit what they deliver to your already paid for and organic users and paid likes and then not deliver to 100% of those which in itself is a violation but unethical and wrong to business owners who have spent thousands and 10s of thousands of dollars on marketing with FB. This is out of control, And if a business page paid for those likes then you better deliver the content to those fans who were paid to get. If not Its refund city and massive losses to FB. Makes me sick
                                                    Goodbye to facebook  Clutter
              The upcoming New News feed Design by facebook 
Bursting With Color
Vibrant new visuals bring your News Feed to life.
Everywhere You Go
See the same clean look wherever you use Facebook — on mobile, tablet and web.
Facebook shouldn’t be judging content quality. This action is a huge shift in Facebook’s M.O., is it not? First off, making a judgment on the quality of any type of content (apart from things that are illegal or indecent) is new. Second, the news feed algorithm is supposed to surface what people interact with. Now, they’re saying that all these people are wrong. It’s snobby, like representative democracy. “You people are too stupid to recognize quality, Instead of relying on their own news feed algorithm, Facebook will apply its own aesthetic, but with no explanation of the aesthetic. I find this a disturbing precedent, because whatever alternatives to Quotes or content  we develop may later be penalized as well. If Facebook says quotes or content  are crappy, what do they view as ideal content? Or should we just expect years of case by case elimination of certain kinds of content?
I think Facebook just stepped onto a slippery slope: judging content apart from illegal/indecent things, and it disturbs me that it’s not better defined.
If FB continues to push the children away from the playground, they will have very few people left to push ads at.
Facebook Behind the Redesign
In fact, only about 15% of followers will see any given post on a Facebook page. If advertisers want guaranteed exposure beyond that, they must either create super-interesting content that will naturally go viral or they must pay to promote posts. Or run ads.

The new change to News Feed will re-up older stories to the top of any users’ news feed as long as those stories have gotten a lot of engagement from the users’ friends. The intent is to surface stories that are probably interesting to you even if you missed them the first time around. Facebook said the new system wil reward interesting advertisers with more likes:
In a recent test with a small number of users, this change resulted in a 5% increase in the number of likes, comments and shares on the organic stories people saw from friends and an 8% increase in likes, comments and shares on the organic stories they saw from Pages.

I think that this puts some pressure on content marketers because they now have to come up with some really engaging content in order to be on someone’s newsfeed. Beforehadn, I assume that all marketers came up with good times to reach the audience they wanted by posting at certain times, but it seems like that is being thrown out the window. I myself think it is a change that doesn’t have to be made, but there is nothing that we can do about it.
But for every winner, there must be a loser.Every time a “hot” story is re-surfaced in your news feed, a colder one will be pushed lower down in your feed. Posts from boring brands (and friends) will likely get seen less.So Facebook has essentially made the incentives for advertisers more extreme than they were before:
Be more interesting.
Or pay us. !


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