While all other industries are struggling with a growth rate of 5 to 10 %, digital media industry is booming high with 40% growth rate. But the most remarkable point is that this growth rate is not going to be stagnant in the coming years. Digital Marketing skills in demand – Since marketing is the most important function for any business. New era of marketing is evolving i.e digital era of marketing. Growth of digital world has changed the media consumption. Old traditional marketing methods are not enough to reach targeted customers. That’s a good place to be in. If you learn digital marketing it will help you to accelerate your career growth.

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities;

  1. Digital Marketing Manager – The salary package of digital marketing experts ranges from 15 to 20 lacs per annum. Depending upon the experience, it can go as high as 40 lacs.
  2. Social Media Marketing Expert –

  1. Content Marketing Manager – content marketing managers can earn between 10 to 15 lacs per annum. The experience required for this post is minimum 3 years to 5 years.
  2. Search Engine Marketer/ Specialist –Experience required: There is no specific range when it comes to experience for search marketing expert. It ranges from company to company. In small companies, the companies can hire freshers but some established companies would be needing experts with several years of experience.

Depending upon your skills & experience in digital marketing there is no limit of earning in this field only if you know exactly, how to market online.

Source : Quora Digital Marketing Group!

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