Why web analytics is important for your website? 


Whether your website is a shop front, or an informational site, or a mixture of both, Google  analytics is necessary to determine whether you’re hitting your goals.

Moreover, web analytics can be used for future growth of your online marketing strategy, so you can ensure a continuous progress of the user experience on your website.

Did you know you can track visitors coming to your Website each day/weekly/Monthly? Do you know how they come to your website? How long they stay on your website? How many pages they looked and what they viewed?

One definition of Digital- Web analytics is the process of collection, measurement and analysis of user behavior on a Website to understand and help achieve the anticipated objective of the Website.

Having a Website without having Google analytics tool is almost useless! Why spend your precision time and money on building a Website if you’re not working to track what’s happening on your website? Google Web analytics can provide you with a wealth of that can be very useful in planning your online marketing strategy, search engine optimization and search engine marketing campaigns and even Website modifications.

Google Analytics defines your online marketing efforts strategy: Web analytics is more than just installing a script on a website and setting up a weekly/monthly report to show the number of visitors on your website.

Set goals with ongoing analytics: Web analytics is a cyclical process that should run concurrently with the ongoing development and optimization of a website. It’s therefore important to constantly analyze and document how user behavior changes when making improvements on a website.

In Web Google Analytics It’s hard to select the Most important metric. It will always depend on your main KPIs. If your KPIs are related to engagement, then Time on Page, time spent on site, Pages/Session, Page views/ Users Bounce Rate, Exit Pages, Visitor Loyalty and Page Depth are some of the metrics you should be tracking. You have to choose your KPIs wisely and then your metrics will be based on that.

One of the best things about website is that virtually everything is track able! Before beginning any online marketing campaign one should make sure they have Google analytics up and running on their Website- otherwise you are just throwing money away because you are not able to track what affect the campaign had on your Website.