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What is Google Data Studio ?

What is Google Data Studio ?

Google Analytics team released some very exciting news: Google Data Studio will be available to everyone by December 2016! There will still be the robust Data Studio 360 for enterprises, but a standard version will be available to all soon to create beautiful and insightful visualisations.

Google Data studio provide’s a 360-degree view for business users with their most important metrics in one place, updated in real time, and available on all of their devices (i.e.)
including Ad Words, Big-query, Google Sheets,Data Visualisation, SQL,Google Analytics,Google Tag Manager and others.

How Google Data Studio works & advantages of Google Data Studio.

  • Bring multiple GA accounts together in one place
  • Highlight data for non GA users
  • Customise and brand your report to your own style guidelines
  • Connecting your data in one place
  • Modifying your report with awesome graphs
  • A graphical Designer tool with online publishing so data can be shared from a central location
  • The dashboard visualisations are best in class and continually updated from the community.
  • Google Data Studio gives you the insight to stay on top of opportunities and risks

Google Data Studio brings together all your data at one place– from all your data sources – so you can start analysing and visualising it in seconds.

For example, you can pull in data from Excel spreadsheets,Google Analytics,Google Adwords,SQL,Ad-Mod, on-premise data sources and SQL databases.

In this Digital world Stay on top of opportunities & trends while you’re on the go. Google Data studio is purely hosted in the google cloud, built for the modern, mobile workplace. Easily access your data across all your desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

More about Google data studio coming soon!


PS: Research : Google & online-behavior