Google launched Google Analytics 360 Suite

The Google Analytics 360 Suite will combine Google Analytics Premium (now called Google Analytics 360) and Adometry (which it acquired in 2014 and which is now called Attribution 360), with an enterprise-class version of Google’s Tag Manger and three new products (Audience Center 360, Data Studio 360 and Optimize 360) into a single solution for marketers.

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The suite, designed for enterprise-level companies, consists of six products that can be used together or on their own and integrates with AdWords and DoubleClick.

The 360 Suite promises to give brands faster and easier access to customer, performance, and third-party data across all channels so that they can create an advertising experience that more closely aligns with how consumers actually research and shop, while still maintaining the privacy of the end consumer. Where customers have, until now, seen ads based solely on information like keywords and intent data, they should now start seeing content based on their individual preferences and past behaviors. That shift from keyword-based targeting to customer-level targeting will mean more content that’s tailored to what you like and less content that’s intended for the masses.

First, a rundown of what’s new:

A data management platform: Google Audience 360 (in beta) is the company’s long-awaited data management platform (DMP) that early reports had been calling DoubleClick Audience Center. A DMP has been the arrow missing from Google’s advertising technology quiver (or layer of the stack if we’re sticking with ad tech lingo).

On-site testing tool: Unlike the DMP, the new site testing tool named Google Optimize 360 (in beta) will likely come as a surprise. Many search advertisers already use homegrown testing and personalization tools or easy-to-use solutions like Optimizely. This new product sounds much like the latter, with the ability to execute A/B landing page tests without having to code anything, yet Muret also added that “a lot of enterprises have homegrown systems, and this is made to integrate with those and give them control over how they do their own processes for content personalization.”

Marketers will be able to test offers, layouts and funnel flows against audience segments.

Enterprise-wide data analysis and visualization: ​Also new is Google Data Studio 360 (in beta). Built on the Google Docs framework that allows users to update and collaborate on reports and dashboards in real time, the Data Studio is meant to unlock enterprise marketing information and provide easy tools for presenting it in ways that are actually meaningful.  

Tag manager: Google Tag Manager 360 is technically a brand-new product, Google explains, because the existing Google Tag Manager is just a feature of Google Analytics. The new standalone product is built from the existing tag manager. “It offers simplified data collection and powerful APIs to increase data accuracy and streamline workflows,” according to the blog post. What those APIs will do that’s different from the Google Tag Manager API, however, is not quite clear, yet.

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Enterprise analytics: Google Analytics Premium is getting renamed Google Analytics 360. No new updates are being announced at this time, but several “exciting new capabilities” are on the horizon, says Google.

Attribution: Since acquiring media attribution firm Adometry in 2014, Google has made the service available as a standalone product and integrated it into Google Analytics Premium users. Now called Google Attribution 360, the product will continue to offer attribution insights across channels, devices and systems, including offline campaign information, such as when TV spots air. Advertisers can send conversion attribution results to their search and display campaigns for bidding optimization. 

The four new products in the suite (Audience Center, Data Studio, Optimize and Tag Manager) are now in limited beta. Current Google Analytics Premium and Adometry users will should see an invite to join the new betas in the coming months.


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