Top  skills you need  for success in digital marketing

Communication Skills: Digital Marketing is the team which has to communicate with its clients’ prospects, & target audience through online advertising (i.e.) text, image or video ads. The quality of this communication skills  will indeed determine the outcome of any digital marketing campaign.

Being able to work in a team, knowing how to manage team & time  under pressure and communication skills are all essential in an environment where individuals have to rely on team effort.

Digital marketing is about working with other team members and the ability to get on with others while under pressure is crucial.

Search engine optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just about getting your website found online anymore. As Google’s search algorithm matures, businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of implementing whitehat solutions like content marketing and guest blogging. SEO is certainly not dead – in fact, it is growing, changing and evolving at a rapid rate.

  1. The need to understand how to conduct keyword research
  2. Optimizing your content, website and blog for organic earned search.
  3. On-site optimization, technical SEO and off-site optimization
  4. Content marketing.
  5. Organic SEO knowledge in combination with Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

What the Experts Say about SEO:

“SEO is still as popular as ever and there is a big demand for those with both sets of skills (SEO and PPC).”

Search engine Marketing:

The demand for Google Adwords – Pay Per Click (PPC) consultants & executives are in demand as businesses begin to see the important role Google Adwords – PPC plays in bringing targeted traffic to their website and convert some leads into clients.

There are two parts in Google Adwords here.

  1. Optimizing your content, website, and blog for organic earned search for Good quality score in Google Adwords
  2. Paying for clicks, using Google’s AdWords. PPC

The Building earned authority to rank high on search engines takes time and it is no quick fix. PPC as a required skill for their organizations, and one of the most important and growing facets of SEM is pay-per-click (PPC). In order to demonstrate your abilities in this area, you need to show that you have the research and analytical skills required to create and execute a strong PPC plan that aligns with an overarching marketing strategy.

Develop Social Media skills with technology tools and platforms:

Social media marketing involves many moving parts. It is complex and you need to understand the various social networks and social media marketing tools that allow you to leverage your efforts.The Social Media marketer’s job in the past was often about managing the advertising agency. But now they need to understand Social tools. What do some of these tools & technologies look like?

Free tools

There are a vast arrange of free tools. Some of these include:– Hootsuite

– Tweetdeck

– Canva

– Buffer

– Facebook Insights

– Twitter analytics

– Google analytics Many of these offer premium versions that add other features & functions which a social media manager or executive has to be perfect.

E- Mail Marketing – Marketing Automation : Email marketing & marketing automation platformsThere are hundreds of platforms but here are a few.– MailChimp

– Aweber

– iContact

– Salesforce Marketing Cloud

– Silverpop

– Marketo

Content marketing :Content is the foundation for Digital Marketing. You need images, blog posts, infographics, free eBooks, and the list goes on.When done well, the benefits of content marketing include increased engagement, improved SEO,SEM,Email,Social Media.

Mobile marketing : The mobile explosion and the rise of smart phones has caught many marketers unprepared. Many brands have a website that is not mobile ready and have no apps to make it easy for customers to engage with you while out and about. This marketing skill needs to be learnt — fast!

Web Analytics: If you work in Digital marketing team or are looking to work in digital marketing you need a good understanding of web analytics. Tools like Google Analytics Google web Trends Google web master tools Having a solid a grasp on the fundamentals of analytics for Instance When a visitor who comes to your site, what pages they visit most, how many visitors become customers, where visitors tend to “drop off” and leave the site—can, quite simply, make you one of the most valuable people on the job.

Map User Paths:

  • visit your website without hitting a product page
  • hit a product page without adding an item to the shopping cart
  • have an item in their shopping cart but not check out
  • go to checkout but leave without buying the item
  • Unique user = an individual person visiting your site
  • Session = a single instance when a user was on your site
  • Bounce rate = percentage of users that visited only one page
  • Session duration = how long a user stayed on your website
  • Pages per session = number of pages a user hit during one session
  • Conversion = what you want a user to do on the site (e.g., complete a form)
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators
  • Set and Adjust Benchmarks

Quick learner: Digital Marketing is one of the most dynamic fields. How quickly you can adapt to the changes in the digital marketing will determine how well you can conceptualize and execute digital marketing campaigns & tools.

No matter what skill set you choose to nurture, there will always be companies looking to fill the gaps in their digital marketing strategies.

Find the following info-graphic By Digital Vidya – Digital Marketing Institute on career opportunities in digital marketing along with the recommended approach to acquire technical digital marketing skills useful. I would love to have your feedback on the insights shared in this creative as well.


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