The Recent News  i read in Deccan Chronicle news paper about the ugly side of the facebook on cyber sex “crimes”.According to my research on  fake facebook profiles  the people behind this UGLY act are young girls/boys every one has one facebook account as well as one fake account  but to my surprise some people have 30+ fake facebook profiles as well !  The one original facebook account is created & used to be in touch with family and friends and one fake facebook profile or profiles are  created  to meet new strangers on facebook to  make friends by being fake  in this process they are so addicted and spend their leisure Time on facebook with strangers the people who are making fake accounts have so much fun in swindle (someone) by  making it they are now addicted to Pron profiles as well were the sex chat or the sex  images are been shared or exchanged . The recent incident of a 17-year-old girl from a south Delhi Public School alleging that she was sexually assaulted by two MNC employees , whom she had befriended on a social networking website, is a reminder on how the internet can be a source of danger for young ‘netizens’. Nearly 50 per cent of cyber sex victims are victimized by their own family, friends or known people and thousands of them are stalked. Preteens, teens and adolescents are turning pathological chatters on social networking sites. Lakhs of people fall prey through Facebook, without even knowing the person they exchange messages with, and end up being Hurt or molested when they meet them. In this year I alone  received so many friend request from fake profiles in that i got nearly 16+ request from pron facebook profiles and 24+ from fake profile non of the profile was real account the person’s who have sent me request are few people whom i know who are responsible for  this fake profiles the  undigested part is that in that list there are few girls who have Joined  this PRON fake profiles just to judge me/or someone,  like me they make just to know what kind of person i’m  I wonder people who  make this fake profiles are doing just to play with people’s emotions and Life  which is totally inhuman act .The people behind this facebook fake profiles are 60% of girls who are making fake facebook profiles just to judge or know  about their boyfriends  behavior  & Loyalty towards their girl friend and their love, in these process act girls are  loosing  their character so much that they are not only become fake but more then fake as well  by being in fake profile a girl  meets with such strange people on facebook that she forgets that she is girl and flirts with guys who too are fake on facebook  who post some porn related news or videos Unfortunately some people are increasing there fake facebook profiles daily  with new names & new email id’s, Remember when u get a friend request from a stranger the request is not from stranger but the person who knows very well  they send u request just to judge your character & attitude on facebook !  I suggest people please Do not accept strangers and even requests from individuals who don’t have their own photos as profile image. and please check their profile before accepting their request.
 There are above 4,50,000 porn sites in the world of which 1,73,000 are Indian.The problem is not with porn websites but the real big problem is facebook fake profiles which  people are really interested in-creating them and playing with emotions and feelings,Life of teens & young people about age groups of 15 to 26 on facebook .Facebook is a great place for connecting with old friends and keeping in touch with family relatives as well , Please don’t misuse facebook !Today it may be you or some one who are expert in making fake profiles on fb but if the same things happens with your siblings it will definitely hurt you so much ! so please stop making fake facebook profiles ! 
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