A simple steps to do Mobile App Marketing!
What is mobile app marketing? and How to do mobile app marketing?
Developing  an app is difficult, but marketing of an app is even more  difficult.  It requires a multi-faceted approach that needs to be  coordinated and  consistently evaluated. Publishing an app and expecting  it to become a  hit without a well-defined marketing strategy is a poor  decision.Your  app monetization has to be so effective that it should  attract the  target audience. Contrary to popular belief, the core of the success for the app lies in marketing rather than the design or development of the app. A very simple (but well made) app that is cheap to make, but well marketed, could provide better return on investment than a more extensive (and expensive) app that has just been added to the Market. The process of marketing your app is far more difficult than making it. There are some methods through which we can opt for the best mobile app marketing.
Monetization:  app monetization has to be so efficient that it should stand out from other apps and attract the target audience.
ASO: ASO is now a days one of the most effective strategies which is similar to SEO in websites, which is basically used for the promotions.
  •       a) Keywords
    b) App-store content
    c) Screen Shots & Videos
    d) No of positive ratings
    e) Coverage’s from other websites
      Social media: social media is one of the best platforms to earn most consumers by getting paid advertisements on social forums like Facebook, Twitter etc for making your app viral among’st all. Promote via Facebook, Google+ and all your friend circle than try Facebook groups, emails, forum and comment posting.
Reviews: reviewing your app by submitting your reviews on leading app websites, this can help to
target regions so that it can reach the target audience.I hope that this piece of information will be productive enough in finding the best app marketing for your app.
     Build Your Personal Online Presence : Your Online presence is what represents you and your
company. It doesn’t matter if your business is within the financial or gaming sector, branding is online presence/ Branding is important
     Improve Engagement With Push Notifications : Sending push notification daily on special occasions to app users is one of the trick to keep people engaged on your app.
     I hope that this piece of information will be productive enough in finding the best app marketing for your app.