5 fundamental truths of web analytics to follow

  • Focus also on People and process, not just on technology,

It is not only important to know which analytics tool is your best match, it is also vital to know when to bring in a team to handle the digital analytics. Carefully choosing an efficient team and then assign designated hob to each person will make your work that much easier.

For example, your digital marketing manager would be focusing on the metrics of your campaign, like the total number of visits user behaviour, the total number of successful conversions, the number of new visitors visiting your site as well as the number of returning visitors visiting your website, and so on.

Your support manager on the other hand, will be more interested in finding out if the visitors who were looking for support were successfully dealt with. Whether all their queries were successfully answered and issues successfully resolved. They would be interested in finding out whether the grievances were met with effectively and how much time did the resolution take.  

Naturally, each and every person of the team has vital role to play, therefore remember to take time to carefully develop the team and they nurture the team the best you can.

  • Segmentation

Today, data is not limited to just the number of page views. Today’s analytics platforms allow us to go much beyond the simplistic page hit numbers and really provide us a richer and more detailed data and patterns.

Visitor segmentation allows you to quickly view the buyer and non-buyer behaviours, categorize contents according to their asset types, measure the consumption of both the gated and ungated consumption which allows you to easily run an in-depth analysis.

There are many more ways you can segment your data to gain a more detailed perspective on your visitors. Just find the one that best fits your needs.

  • It’s all about the visitors now and not the visits

Gone are the days of focusing on the data based on visits only. Today analytics are more focused on examining the whole user experience and user cycle.

Data like where the visitor came from, how they behaved while on your page, what course of action they took while they were on your website, where they spent maximum amount of time, how many resulted in actual conversions and sales and which page resulted in maximum exits, helps you understand your audience better and allows you to tailor your strategies to maintain interactions with your visitors throughout the buying cycle.

For the experts out there, generating new leads based on these data is as easy as anything these days.

  • Optimize that, which matters the most

Put into place a strategy that allows you to measure how people behave and interact across the different devices and channels. For example, how a visitor interacts with your business when they come to your site via mobile phones, websites etc. and how they interact with your business overall.

  • Gathering insights is not possible in a vacuum

You need to be consistently gather, analyse and report data to maximize your success. It is a process that you need to commit to and stick to a list of priorities and a measurement. Go through the data you collect regularly. Be sure that you implement your analytics in-line with the latest changes which comes with the continuous evolving of the websites and mobile apps. Move to automated reporting from manual reporting to maximize your outcome and minimize your frustration.

Leverage on data visualization tool like, Tableau, and enable a clear path of insights for your stakeholders.


It is quite clear from the above discussion that if you are ignoring web analytics you are missing out on a great deal of conversion rates for your website. If you aren’t using web analytics there is no way on earth of knowing if your marketing strategy is working, whether or not you are moving closer to your desired goal. So don’t fumble in the dark. Choose the web analytics that best suits your goal and sit back and relax. You will shine like a star in no time.

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