Life is ment for its ups and downs, when you fall you gotta get up, Sometimes you are very happy that everything seems to great but another moment things turn out to be a nightmare. Take an exampel when we were kids, Wow….It was such an amazing experience to be a kid. when we were  kids we never thought what will happen if we do wrong or right but do that for sure at any cost whether good or bad. we  used to just know that we have to do it. If anything will happen, there is someone who will handle this. Who were they? Parents & siblings ? ….Yes only they were going to protect us. But still Life continued to be complicated…..We know we are protected, we know we are safe, we know nothing can go wrong. Still we did a mistake, still something happened that introduced so much complications in our life. What was that mistake? Was that such a big mistake? we think it was…

At every point of life, there are only two ways to go, the right one and the wrong one…It’s easy to decide between Right and Wrong but the difficult question is what is wrong and what is right. Is living your life according to you is Right or obeying your parents to whom you trusted blindly when you were a kid is right. You did some mistake, your parents slapped you, will you ever try again to go there? No!! First question that will strike to your mind would be I’m gonna hurt them by telling this. That’s the point where a generation gap has evolved. You have now no one to share, no one to talk. You have lost your best buddies. Were the parents wrong? Or we were  wrong ? I think the way situation occurred was wrong. If I am trying to solve one question, at the end of my thought process I can see next question waiting for me.

I am afraid to answer any question now, because it seems to be an Infinite series of questions that would never end and you have to think about them till the end. No one can answer them…..No one has answer to them. For some, freedom is everything but that leads to separation. Deciding your own limits is easy but to obey them is difficult….!!

For me now Life is honestly so short, and literally designed to make every one happy around me. Just looking  around! All the little things i take for granted are potential sources of happiness. All the people i love, the scenery i ignore, and the hobbies i dabble in, i will just breathe and enjoy life 🙂  Tomorrow this is my goal be completely and totally happy no matter what comes my way.!!  🙂