To The Prime Minister of India


The Prime Minister of India
Mr.Narender Modi

The Prime Minister of India  Mr.Narender Modi
Hope this message reached you in the state of good health.
We Citizens of India voted you for the good & bright future of our country.
We have believed you & have many expectation from you as given below……..
We want corruption free iNdia &
1. Uninterrupted 24 hrs electricity
2. Pure Drinking water from tap
3. Pakki sadak which connects all villages of India.
4. Speed trains and our railways should be best in the world
5. Single Tax system without harassment
6. Free Education, Free Hospitals for aam aadmi of India.
7. Home loan @ 6% PA.
8. Business Loan @ 8% PA.
9. All india Best governance like Gujarat.
10. No FDI in retail.
11. Equal rights & benefits based on earnings not caste.
12. Single law for each & every citizen of India.
13. Dollar prices u have to bring down to Rs.35 in next 5 years which automatically reduced prices of Gold, Gas & Petrol etc.
14. Black money which was deposited in Swiss Bank must bring to india.
15. Police should be citizen friendly.
16. 6 months maximum to close highest crime cases.
We Citizens of India have faith & believe that in next 60 months you must change the fate of India.
This time you have asked abki baar modi sarkar but we will say baar baar modi sarkar.
Jai Hind
Citizen of India

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Facebook Fake Accounts

How to Reveal a Fake Account.
Facebook has put together a social network of over a billion people. Some of those people do not have the best interests of their fellow humans at heart. They may seek you out to get information, to steal your individuality, or even to destroy your status. How do you guard against predators like that? I’ll show you a few ways to protect your self and your family on Facebook. from fake facebook profile Read on.!!

  1. They find it exhilarating to be something they are not, or they are trying to hide from the people they talk to all the time. 
  2.  Look for status updates,wall posts and comments.If the user hasn’t updated a status for quite a long time and hasn’t been involved in any wall posting or commenting of other statuses,it means that the profile is likely to be fake.
  3. Check out the friend list.If found that maximum of the friends are of the opposite gender,it can be assumed that the profile is used either for fun or for random dating.
  4. Look out for recent wall posts,if u see loads of people asking…’THANKS FOR THE ADD….DO I KNOW YOU’……and yet the psots remains unanswered…it is bound to be a fake one.
  5. Fake profiles are created not for good intentions. They are mostly misused. People like to abuse and don’t want others to know their identity. Many men/women create fake female/Male profiles for dating and flirting. Most fake profiles are used for pimping activities. That’s about it.
  6.  Fake profiles will rarely have any real photos   their tagged photos are of cartoons or generated photos from Facebook apps. Their photos are also likely to be few and usually uploaded on the same date.     
    Facebook Fake Account Example Look 

                                            This is how the Fake account Looks Alike !

  7. Barely any profile information  their profiles are not very telling, and the information present is scanty and what is available doesn’t reveal any personal details, for example; they may have their relationship status but no information such as where they schooled, where they work and  family relationships. This is because most people who are creating a fake profile will not have time to write out details and lengthy personal information.
  8. Look at the recent activities.If it is that the user has just been adding randomers and making new friends,and that there are no pages liked or groups joined,it suggests that the user is determined in jst adding people and hence the profile is fake.
  9. Girls  set up fake profiles to follow exes on Facebook. This one may seem a bit excessive, but it is certainly not unheard-of for a Girl  to set up a fake Facebook persona in order to creep on her ex’s profile. At the very least, she might get a mutual friend to allow her a little access to an ex’s Facebook page. Whether you broke up badly or it was mostly mutual, if you don’t keep in touch, she probably wants to know what you’re up to. Instead of calling or e-mailing you, it’s easier and less embarrassing to scope out your profile while you are blissfully unaware that she is checking up on you. If you want to prevent this from happening, don’t add any strangers to your friends list. If you have a friend you know is still in touch with her, keep your interactions limited or unfriend  them .
  10. I recently concluded that people I once considered as friends have fake profiles. I have determined that they are used by a narcissistic personality who craves attention and approval of others, and sets up these fake accounts to have imaginary exchanges…. almost always the end result is a group of “friends” bragging or complimenting their intelligence, appearance or personality. What freak shows…. this is clearly insecurity and loneliness at its lowest point. I’ll also add that these people are usually too self-centered and narcissistic to experience anything other than fake socialization. Their lives revolve around fiction… even at work they have difficulties maintaining productive relationships because they are incapable of living in the real world. So this was a minor summary of points to note while detecting a fake account on facebook. Thus beware of suck fake accounts which may lead to privacy dilemmas or likewise. Hope you people like the article and it benefits you in case you try to detect any suck profile…..!

I researched some facebook profiles and wrote this post to help you and your loved ones stay safe on social media not to scare you from social media. Social media can be very fun and useful. It helps me stay in touch with family, old friends and business contacts. I have become friends with people (who were strangers to me) all over the world. These are people who I would have never had the opportunity to get to know otherwise. I enjoy them but, I am careful about what I share with them. If something seems off or I don’t feel peace about it then I will not add them as a friend and even if I have added someone who turns out to not be right, I can still go back and unfriend them or block them if needed.  Stay safe out there and try to avoid the sharks.

Read on More about facebook   The Ugly side of facebook Fake Profiles   .
Thank You for Reading !

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women November 25 2013

  International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women  
  • Women are beautiful for the way they think and for the way they speak their feelings from their heart and they are to be heard and understood. 
  • Women are beautiful for being truthful and genuine, kind and sweet.
  • Women are beautiful for the love they give to their children and for the love they have for their families and friends.
  • Women are beautiful for the nonstop endless work that they do from the moment they wake up to the time they go to sleep and they are to be appreciated and cherished and loved truthfully for everything that they do and for everything that they are. 
  • Women are beautiful from the inside out; there is no true beauty from the outside without a within.
  • A woman’s heart is her beauty and she shines with no makeup required. 
  • Most of all women are awesome !!  

                                                                  By -Bharath Bhushan-
End Violence against Women on this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women !!

Hardships In my Life.

I have been through many hardships and I have taught myself many coping skills that I have used to help me through the challenging times in my life. Everything that I have ever been through I know that there are other people in this world that have been through far worse than I have ever been through and I understand the feelings felt in their heart. I never felt sorry for myself or have ever taken life for granted. I use every challenge I have ever faced and met as a learning experience and when we learn we grow. Learn to face and meet every challenge that you are faced with and when you do, you will be eliminating future problems .

~Bharath Bhushan~ 

Life is so damn complicated when you start to growing up .

Life is ment for its ups and downs, when you fall you gotta get up, Sometimes you are very happy that everything seems to great but another moment things turn out to be a nightmare. Take an exampel when we were kids, Wow….It was such an amazing experience to be a kid. when we were  kids we never thought what will happen if we do wrong or right but do that for sure at any cost whether good or bad. we  used to just know that we have to do it. If anything will happen, there is someone who will handle this. Who were they? Parents & siblings ? ….Yes only they were going to protect us. But still Life continued to be complicated…..We know we are protected, we know we are safe, we know nothing can go wrong. Still we did a mistake, still something happened that introduced so much complications in our life. What was that mistake? Was that such a big mistake? we think it was…

At every point of life, there are only two ways to go, the right one and the wrong one…It’s easy to decide between Right and Wrong but the difficult question is what is wrong and what is right. Is living your life according to you is Right or obeying your parents to whom you trusted blindly when you were a kid is right. You did some mistake, your parents slapped you, will you ever try again to go there? No!! First question that will strike to your mind would be I’m gonna hurt them by telling this. That’s the point where a generation gap has evolved. You have now no one to share, no one to talk. You have lost your best buddies. Were the parents wrong? Or we were  wrong ? I think the way situation occurred was wrong. If I am trying to solve one question, at the end of my thought process I can see next question waiting for me.

I am afraid to answer any question now, because it seems to be an Infinite series of questions that would never end and you have to think about them till the end. No one can answer them…..No one has answer to them. For some, freedom is everything but that leads to separation. Deciding your own limits is easy but to obey them is difficult….!!

For me now Life is honestly so short, and literally designed to make every one happy around me. Just looking  around! All the little things i take for granted are potential sources of happiness. All the people i love, the scenery i ignore, and the hobbies i dabble in, i will just breathe and enjoy life 🙂  Tomorrow this is my goal be completely and totally happy no matter what comes my way.!!  🙂