Google is going to add buy buttons to search results on mobile coming this july

Google’s getting ready to face Amazon and eBay, according to The
Wall Street Journal
, and will be adding buy buttons directly to its search results. You’ll see those
buttons accompanying sponsored results under a “Shop on Google”
heading — they won’t be used for non-sponsored links returned by the algorithm
— when you search for products on mobile devices. Upon clicking one, a
separate product page will load where you can pick sizes, colors and ultimately
complete your purchase. Any product you buy will still come straight from
retailers, the WSJ says, so it doesn’t sound like Google’s stocking up
warehouses with goods like Amazon does.
Products will still be sold by retailers, with
Google simply providing easy access, according to The Wall Street Journal:
However, some major retailers are apparently worried that
they’ll get stuck with back-end order fulfillment with no real customer
interaction. Since Google wants to remain in good terms with them (they are
some of its largest advertisers, after all), it will give shoppers the choice
subscribe to their marketing programs. That typically means mailing lists and
the like, so the company’s giving them access to customers’ info, most likely
names and addresses.
Buy buttons will apparently
not be making to desktop search results, at least not yet. Additionally, they
will reportedly remain not show up next to standard search results.
is also reportedly willing to allow customers to opt-in to the same
retailer-provided marketing programs that they would be eligible for when using
retailer websites. This would give merchants access to the same customer
information, such as addresses and phone numbers, that they would have if the
shopper was visiting the retailer’s own site.
As for why the feature will only be available on mobile,
well, Google has a plethora of reasons. The biggest one is most likely the fact
that more people now perform searches on their phones than on computers.
According to the WSJ, you might spot a buy button or two as soon as
the coming weeks. We don’t have a list of official partners yet, since Google
hasn’t officially announced anything, but Macy’s might be one of the first retailers available.


The different Types of advertisment options to Make Serious Money

The different Types of advertisment options to Make Serious Money

The whole ‘making-money-online’ phenomenon has quite a charm
to it. Much and more people are now being attracted towards this side, which I
like to call ‘the other side’ of the internet, since instead of being web-page
visitors, some people are now becoming webpage hosters, so to speak. Indeed,
for many such people, online advertising has become a major source of income.
But many people still don’t know fully well about the various advertising
options they have. So this post is all about dissimilar advertising options
that you can try out with your blog / website.

Not all ads work in the same way. Some make more revenue,
while others are interactive and help in promoting products. With ads,
placement is very important as well. Some might work in a particular place,
while other might not. Hence, you have to choose a combination that works best
for you. And with so many advertising options, there are literally several
possible combinations. It’s all a matter of trial and error. You can’t decide
on the best combination unless you haven’t tried some. meaningful your options
can pay off here.
A word on website traffic
Before you go on monetizing your blog, you first need to
take a look at your analytics stats. First of all, look at your Alexa rankings.
Only start advertising if you have a decent ranking. And in my experience,
‘decent’ means in the top 60-70,000 websites, or 100,000 at the very most! If
your rankings are below that (i.e. larger than 100,000), you should not
advertise! Work on improving your rank by various methods shared on MBT and
SEM! I might write another post on this topic soon.
Second, get a decent amount of traffic. In my opinion,
around 500-1,000 unique visitors is decent enough. If you are getting a 100 or
so visitors and think you can earn a decent living online, don’t kid yourself!
Set up a traffic goal and work hard on it before monetizing.
Why all the hassle? I know I keep on saying this, but your
success can only be guaranteed by a decent traffic and a good website ranking.
Adding adverts prematurely will do more harm than good. It might drive away
what little traffic you might have. Not only that, your bounce rate will go
high as well. But if you have a regular and important readership, the initial
impact of adding ads will be cushion.
Cost-Per-Click are the simplest kind of ads. You easy put up
ads, and whenever someone clicks on them, you get paid a assured amount. The
most popular CPC ad network is Google AdSense, although it now has extended its
reach to CPM ads as well. CPC ads are generally low value, and it takes a lot
of clicks to make a decent income. Not only that, the awarding criteria is a
bit hazy as well. You don’t always get paid a fixed amount, nor do you get paid
each time. Still, this form of advertising is the most common among bloggers,
and is usually used with banners (headers and images), and with text ad blocks
within the site’s content.
Cost-Per-Impression means you get paid for the number of
times an ad appears on your site. For example, let’s say an advertiser pays you
$1 for 10 impressions. Whenever someone visits your website, that ad is
displayed to them, and the required number of impressions drops by one. When 10
people visit your site, you are paid $1. Again, Google AdSense is the leading
such ad network. Usually, you are paid per 1,000 impressions. The amount can
vary a lot, from under a dollar to around $50 etc. These ads provide a steadier
income then CPC ads.

CPA means Cost Per Acquisition or Action. You get paid only
when someone takes some action after clicking on your ad, such as making a sale
or leaving their email address or similar. Usually, such are have a greater
value than CPC or CPM ads. But the Acquisition rate is usually lower than CTR
(Click Through Rate). ClickBooth and MediaWhiz are both good CPA ad networks.

Image Ads
Images can be used for CPC or CPM ads. But there are
dedicated ad networks for this, such as ImageSpace Media. Image ads can be used
as pop-ups on a webpage, or pop-ups during videos like we see on YouTube.
Video Ads
YouTube is the largest video hosting site on the internet.
It allows you to sign up as a partner, after which you can integrate your
account with AdSense. Video ads are simply videos that promote or give
information about a certain product. You can use them anywhere. But people
usually don’t tend to open video ads, which is why you shouldn’t use them

Pay Per Post
This method is gaining popularity as well. There are some
advertisers that pay you to write reviews of their products in articles or blog
posts. If you do this frequently, your readers might frown upon you. But
writing reviews every now and then can be profitable. It might even increase
your traffic, since you are drawing targeted audience for that product. This is
a must try for bloggers. 
Classified Ads
Earning through classifieds is no easy task. But if you do
it properly, you could e raking in money! Classified ads are special ads which
are added by people buying, or selling products, services etc. Freelance job
ads are a good example of this. EBay is a good classifieds website where people
sell all kinds of stuff from wrist watches to cars etc.
The advantage of classifieds is that, it attracts two-fold
traffic. Advertisers as well as customers. You act as a platform between them.
And you can charge a percentage from the sales made etc. But for sales to
happen through your site, you need to have good credentials, and a good
profile, so that people will trust you.
Newsletter Ads
In newsletter advertising, publishers send out ads with
newsletters, or other information conveyed through email. These are shaky
ground, however. People get annoyed at just seeing unnecessary emails in their
inbox, let alone be grateful for ads included with them. So do this very

Getting sponsors is a job for the pros! If your website is
popular and has a decent amount of traffic, you have the option of selling ad
spots to sponsors. This will only happen if you are at the top, or near the
top, of your niche though. So build some traffic and fan following before
thinking more into this method.

How to hide “last seen” on WhatsApp

That’s just one out of a million reasons why you would like WhatsApp developers to remove the ‘last seen’ time-stamp from the app. While some people (mostly stalkers) like that time-stamp, a substantial number of people (myself included) just hate it.

How to hide “last seen” on WhatsApp

Whatever your excuses and reason, if you want to hide the last seen time, regularly referred to as “last seen” on WhatsApp, all you need to do is read and reply your messages offline.

This is how you do it:

  1. Make sure you have the “auto download” feature enabled. To do so, go to your phone’s WhatsApp chat, click the three dotted lines to see a list of options, click “Settings” then click “Chat settings” then finish with clicking “Media auto-download”. This way you will have all photos, audios and videos downloaded.
  2. Disable data and/or WiFi network before opening the WhatsApp screen.
  3. Once confirmed that internet access is disconnected, open WhatsApp aand read the messages.

If you want to reply the messages at once without showing your ‘last seen’, this is what you do:

  1. While still offline (internet disconnected), compose all the messages needing a reply.
  2. Hit to send messages (the will stay pending until there is internet connection)
  3. Close WhatsApp and get out
  4. Re-enable the internet access

Once the internet connectivity is re-established, WhatsApp will synchronize with the servers and send your messages without updating your ‘last seen’ login time.

Alternatively, you can go to Google’s play store and download an app that will disable-enable the internet connection for you. Query words eg. WhatsApp secret or WhatsaApp last seen etc.

Tip: You can also use airplane mode toggle to turn on/off all wireless connectivity at once.

What is a Blog? what’s Blogging? why Blogging ?

Do you bear in mind the primary time you detected the word “blog”? What was your original thought? however did you respond ?

Well, as acquainted as you would possibly be to what a “blog” is, there are those who hear it for the primary time each single day and don’t have any plan what it very is. they’re having that 1st encounter such as you did right now!

Neat, right? In any case, i believed it’d be profitable to start out from situation and come back some blogging basics that a lot of hold granted.

So, let’s begin from the terribly starting and answer that terribly basic question:

Blogging has become quite common within the internet community drastically. From the foremost trivial topics to the foremost important ones, bloggers have heaps to speak concerning. This has been the way of however people speak up their minds and share their views to a specific matter. however what’s very blogging?

Historically, the term blogging originated from the word “weblog”. Weblog was 1st employed by Jorn Barger, one amongst the earliest bloggers, manner back on December seventeen, 1997 to explain his work. Afterwards, Evan Williams, co-founder of the corporate Pyra Labs, used “blog” to explain the act of posting and redaction content to a weblog. The term “blogger” conjointly came in hand because the company’s web site was named Blogger, creating it standard.

What’s blogging?

Blogging is that the on-line version of a newspaper primarily. you’ll already be reading blogs and you were unaware of the term. many folks asking this question area unit in all probability in their 50′s and older.

These people scan articles on the homepages of MSN, Yahoo, and alternative sites on a fairly regular basis. Yahoo could be a programme, however the house page incorporates a journal practicality to that.

Many writers, or bloggers, area unit contributive to those articles on those homepages. the net is stuffed with millions and countless blogs and bloggers. you’ll be able to realize a journal on just about any topic out there. Some journalgers blog daily, whereas others journal multiple times each day, et al. update whenever they desire it.

However will blogging work?

Blogging relies off identical principle that newspapers, magazines, and even TV shows work. every of these area unit stuffed with content that they suppose folks can like.

To start a journal, you’ll want a platform. There area unit a range of platforms out there. Some area unit free, whereas others have a value related to victimization it. If you’re simply beginning out, i’d advocate the subsequent blogging platforms to you:
if you would like to require your journal a lot of seriously and be in it for the long-term, then there’s some higher choices obtainable to you. First, let Pine Tree State educate you on the method of creating your own journal.

Most bloggers United Nations agency take this route use the platform, (Not to be confused with the free they have to get a site name and host that domain. a preferred domain registrar is

A domain name is that the internet address you sort to go to the web site. For example: and square measure each domains. Hosting is like electricity and this can be what keeps the positioning up and carry on the web.

(Note: each domains and hosting expire. If they expire and you don’t renew, then you lose your web site.)

Blogging has are available in several types and for varied functions. These are the common forms:

 1.  Personal blogs

It is endless on-line journal by a personal. Exchange of concepts and comments a couple of bound topic as viewed by single entities happen during this kind.

2.  Micro-blogging

It is the act of posting footage, video clips, texts and similar sorts in restricted sizes. The contents of micro-blogs area unit unremarkably catchy and of aesthetic qualities. These blogs in the main center however aren’t restricted to new moving picture releases and game schedules.

3. Business blogs

As the name suggests, it’s for business motives. it’s going to either be created to enhance the connection among employees in an exceedingly company and for entrepreneurial functions.

4.         Categorical blogs

This journal may be divided into sub types betting on their explicit functions. every sub type focuses on a specific subject like politics, sports, fashion, laws and travel etc.

Functions of Blogging

1.  It may be used as a portal of knowledge.

Insights and reviews area unit announce a couple of topic. With this, data of various varieties may be non inheritable . It will|can even|may also|may be used as a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) device as a result of blogs can offer the foremost recent updates.

2. It may be used as a website for advertizing.

Blogging could be a great way of promoting a whole, a product and also the like. will be} as a result of the potential consumers can have a primary and two-way communication with the seller-blogger.

3. It may be used as a freedom wall.

Different views may be expressed as a result of blogging is combat. So, every people will speak what’s on our minds on condition that we should always be to blame for our actions. allow us to avoid creating hate speech or abrasive remarks.

4. It helps you win a devotee.

Because blogging allow us to move with another netizen, we have a tendency to area unit a lot of doubtless to create friends after we united a couple of subject-matter (or foe, if it’s wiped out different approach around).

5. It’s a public journalism.

Blogging may be wont to voice out concepts or thoughts a couple of public issue or concern.

6. Identity

Many bloggers, myself included, blog to discover, shape, and reinforce our own identity, and doing this includes expressing one’s self and finding one’s own voice.

7. Creativity

Blogging can be a wonderful creative outlet, whether it’s playing with prose and poetry, photos and images, audio and video, or designing the blog itself.

Blogging allows us to start conversations, discuss ideas, and keep in touch with people from around the world, both on a personal and professional level.

While blogging alone for cash is sort of troublesome, it will generate many revenue with diligence, commitment, patience, and skill. There square measure several bloggers WHO have already with success attained a lot of from blogging, either from whole marketing, advertising, on-line selling, SEO, e-commerce, or different journal proof strategies.

Blogs square measure a gold mine of information, and being active within the blogosphere will keep each the blogger and his readers hip to and updated on their subjects of interest, as they share and exchange resources. Blogging also can facilitate develop skill and communication skills among a 24/7 learning surroundings.

Closely joined to education, blogging also can serve to determine one as Associate in Nursing knowledgeable in his field of interest and influence thinking trends or a minimum of teach interested readers, that successively may additionally function Associate in Nursing avenue for earning cash on-line.

There square measure bloggers WHO square measure dedicated to victimization their website as a platform for providing help and support to others. One such blogging website that has evolved into support teams beneath many interests is Tumblr.

We journal as a result of we are able to. Period.

Blogging is an agreeable activity in itself, and it additionally helps supplement different leisurely pursuits not essentially associated with blogging. It permits one to entertain others and one’s self. For some, it’s additionally not simply fun however a labor of affection that feeds one’s soul. And for others like ME, blogging may be a supply of inspiration, motivation, self-reflection, and healing.

After connection a blogging community within which I may examine shared sentiments of different bloggers and contribute some input of my very own, I step by step became less frightened of my humanity. Learning to articulate my concepts and feelings on-line additionally helped ME get through and pass though a really troublesome amount in my life. thus in essence, blogging to ME was and still is medical care. In some ways, it may even be higher than medical care.

Conclusion :- 

By currently you must perceive, or a minimum of have a far better understanding, what blogging is and the way it works. when you created your diary, you wish to find out the way to trade so it gains traction and audience

If you found value in this post, and I hope you did, please consider sharing with your friends. Thank You !