The different Types of advertisment options to Make Serious Money

The whole ‘making-money-online’ phenomenon has quite a charm
to it. Much and more people are now being attracted towards this side, which I
like to call ‘the other side’ of the internet, since instead of being web-page
visitors, some people are now becoming webpage hosters, so to speak. Indeed,
for many such people, online advertising has become a major source of income.
But many people still don’t know fully well about the various advertising
options they have. So this post is all about dissimilar advertising options
that you can try out with your blog / website.

Not all ads work in the same way. Some make more revenue,
while others are interactive and help in promoting products. With ads,
placement is very important as well. Some might work in a particular place,
while other might not. Hence, you have to choose a combination that works best
for you. And with so many advertising options, there are literally several
possible combinations. It’s all a matter of trial and error. You can’t decide
on the best combination unless you haven’t tried some. meaningful your options
can pay off here.
A word on website traffic
Before you go on monetizing your blog, you first need to
take a look at your analytics stats. First of all, look at your Alexa rankings.
Only start advertising if you have a decent ranking. And in my experience,
‘decent’ means in the top 60-70,000 websites, or 100,000 at the very most! If
your rankings are below that (i.e. larger than 100,000), you should not
advertise! Work on improving your rank by various methods shared on MBT and
SEM! I might write another post on this topic soon.
Second, get a decent amount of traffic. In my opinion,
around 500-1,000 unique visitors is decent enough. If you are getting a 100 or
so visitors and think you can earn a decent living online, don’t kid yourself!
Set up a traffic goal and work hard on it before monetizing.
Why all the hassle? I know I keep on saying this, but your
success can only be guaranteed by a decent traffic and a good website ranking.
Adding adverts prematurely will do more harm than good. It might drive away
what little traffic you might have. Not only that, your bounce rate will go
high as well. But if you have a regular and important readership, the initial
impact of adding ads will be cushion.
Cost-Per-Click are the simplest kind of ads. You easy put up
ads, and whenever someone clicks on them, you get paid a assured amount. The
most popular CPC ad network is Google AdSense, although it now has extended its
reach to CPM ads as well. CPC ads are generally low value, and it takes a lot
of clicks to make a decent income. Not only that, the awarding criteria is a
bit hazy as well. You don’t always get paid a fixed amount, nor do you get paid
each time. Still, this form of advertising is the most common among bloggers,
and is usually used with banners (headers and images), and with text ad blocks
within the site’s content.
Cost-Per-Impression means you get paid for the number of
times an ad appears on your site. For example, let’s say an advertiser pays you
$1 for 10 impressions. Whenever someone visits your website, that ad is
displayed to them, and the required number of impressions drops by one. When 10
people visit your site, you are paid $1. Again, Google AdSense is the leading
such ad network. Usually, you are paid per 1,000 impressions. The amount can
vary a lot, from under a dollar to around $50 etc. These ads provide a steadier
income then CPC ads.

CPA means Cost Per Acquisition or Action. You get paid only
when someone takes some action after clicking on your ad, such as making a sale
or leaving their email address or similar. Usually, such are have a greater
value than CPC or CPM ads. But the Acquisition rate is usually lower than CTR
(Click Through Rate). ClickBooth and MediaWhiz are both good CPA ad networks.

Image Ads
Images can be used for CPC or CPM ads. But there are
dedicated ad networks for this, such as ImageSpace Media. Image ads can be used
as pop-ups on a webpage, or pop-ups during videos like we see on YouTube.
Video Ads
YouTube is the largest video hosting site on the internet.
It allows you to sign up as a partner, after which you can integrate your
account with AdSense. Video ads are simply videos that promote or give
information about a certain product. You can use them anywhere. But people
usually don’t tend to open video ads, which is why you shouldn’t use them

Pay Per Post
This method is gaining popularity as well. There are some
advertisers that pay you to write reviews of their products in articles or blog
posts. If you do this frequently, your readers might frown upon you. But
writing reviews every now and then can be profitable. It might even increase
your traffic, since you are drawing targeted audience for that product. This is
a must try for bloggers. 
Classified Ads
Earning through classifieds is no easy task. But if you do
it properly, you could e raking in money! Classified ads are special ads which
are added by people buying, or selling products, services etc. Freelance job
ads are a good example of this. EBay is a good classifieds website where people
sell all kinds of stuff from wrist watches to cars etc.
The advantage of classifieds is that, it attracts two-fold
traffic. Advertisers as well as customers. You act as a platform between them.
And you can charge a percentage from the sales made etc. But for sales to
happen through your site, you need to have good credentials, and a good
profile, so that people will trust you.
Newsletter Ads
In newsletter advertising, publishers send out ads with
newsletters, or other information conveyed through email. These are shaky
ground, however. People get annoyed at just seeing unnecessary emails in their
inbox, let alone be grateful for ads included with them. So do this very

Getting sponsors is a job for the pros! If your website is
popular and has a decent amount of traffic, you have the option of selling ad
spots to sponsors. This will only happen if you are at the top, or near the
top, of your niche though. So build some traffic and fan following before
thinking more into this method.