Everyone is telling you to make your brand presence on social media and grow an wide range of audience, develop customer relationships with your  potential customers.

Why Focus on Social Media


Business leaders almost universally recognize that social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools currently available. Not only does social media marketing generate fantastic leads & results, but the strategy also costs less per conversion than traditional marketing methods. The results that other businesses have achieved with social media should be enough to grab your attention.

1. Choose the proper channels for your presence

You cannot support a presence on all social media channels right now. Later, when you are all grown up, you can. So, focus on 2-3 platforms that you know are most popular with your target audience.

Choosing those platforms is not as hard as you think:

  • Develop your customer persona. What this means is that you develop a complete profile of your typical customer. Single Grain has designed a great graphic with all that should be included in your persona.

2. Determine Your Goals.

As a startup, you will probably expect a lot from your social media strategy. Instead of trying to accomplish too much too soon, consider adopt some of the following goals for your company.

• Brand Awareness: as you promote your brand, post content regularly and interact with your audience, more people will become familiar with your company and brand name.

• Content Distribution: every social media strategy must have fantastic content to share with the online world. To become known for your content, you must focus on quality and presentation. Having great content gets people to share, and that sharing widens your audience.

• Lead Generation: you can focus your social media effort on creating new leads through engagement using social media profiles. These will need to become your primary lead generators that drive traffic to your website or blog.

3. Build a Community.

Rather than allowing users to passively visit and then leave your social media profiles, engage your users in ways that inspire them and incite loyalty. Social media users who have a positive experience with your brand or become aware of your products and services can become long-term brand ambassadors that spread the news of your startup to all their friends and followers.

Spend the necessary time to listen and interact with everyone on your social media platforms, and you’ll build the loyal following that will increasingly payoff in the form of new customers and sales. As you build your community, you will likely discover that developing quality followers who have a genuine interest in your business will supply better results than can campaigns that simply try to attract the greatest possible number of “likes.”

4. Stay on top of social media changes

Here are just a few recent changes that platforms have implemented in an effort to keep their populations with them.

  • Twitter allows media and more characters
  • Instagram has implemented the carousel so that more than one image can be posted at a time
  • Facebook now has groups
  • Most content marketing websites will keep you informed of changes as they occur. Keep up.

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